The Diva Method
A 10-Week Personalized Coaching Deep Dive Designed To Help You Naturally Thrive with PCOS
Is This You?
You’ve had PCOS for awhile now, and it feels like nothing you do makes you feel better. 

The meds, the diets, all the time you’ve spent searching the internet barely make a dent. 

Something still feels off.

PCOS has a too-tight grip on your life and it’s like you’ve lost that pep in your step - that joyousness and vivacity. 

You’ve lost who you truly are. 

Somewhere between the doctor visits, tears and restrictive diet programs - your dream life and your health have split paths. . .and there’s something you wish you could create in your health but you’re afraid of failing yet again.

Not to mention. . .

Your cycle disappears or your weight climbs as soon as you think you’ve caught a break. . .you’re pretty sure you’re cursed to feel this way forever.

How can you thrive with PCOS while also keeping your sanity?
It’s Time to Dive Deep
When you’re doing #allthethings and not seeing the changes you want in your body, something’s off. 


During The Diva Method 10-week personalized coaching deep dive, we’ll work together to realign your health and strategically dive deep into what is working to get you genuine results. 

It’s not about more diet restriction, more meds and more time away from doing the things you love. 

You’ll uncover what’s *really* causing your specific symptoms so you can shift, align and strengthen what you’re doing to support your health for significant results. 

It’s the perfect blend of food, mindset + strategy, accountability and practical action. 

Designed for how you live your life. 
PCOS comes in many different “flavours” and no two women have the exact same set of symptoms or goals. The Diva Method is designed to help you:
  • Regulate wonky or absent cycles
  •  Ovulate on your own
  •  Learn when you’re fertile (or not) + how to use that to your advantage
  •  Clear acne-prone skin
  •  Stop excessive hair fall or hair growth
  •  Conceive naturally

  • Ditch the constant fatigue
  •  Achieve (+ maintain) a healthy weight for your body
  •  Ditch food guilt, shame and restriction
  •  Improve self confidence and feel like a beautiful, feminine woman

Plus! You’ll do all of this while tapping into the innate strength you didn’t even know you had to bring out the version of you who knows you can do anything and is there to help you do it.
If we haven’t met yet, I’m Robyn.
I’m a holistic nutritionist, guide, coach and biggest supporter for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) who are tired of feeling like feeling good is out of reach for them. . .

When what they really want is to naturally thrive, get back that pep in their step and have the confidence and trust in their bodies and abilities to support good health and let’s face it - a great life. 

After 6 years of helping hundreds of PCOS Cysters, this isn’t my first rodeo.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in January 2014, one year after coming off the birth control pill.

My doctor barely explained the condition and told me to go back on hormonal birth control and to use a drug called Metformin to “help you lose weight”. 

She also told me frankly that I might never be able to get pregnant and have children of my own - and that even fertility treatments weren’t a sure thing with PCOS. 

I had gained 15 pounds, only got a period every 3-4 months but I knew those “options” weren’t right for me. 

I began a journey of trial and error that eventually regulated my cycles to 28-32 days, released the excess weight from my body (& belly), cleared my skin and revealed a level of confidence in my body, my abilities and myself that I never knew I could have. 

This experience led me to develop The Diva Method, my signature 4-step system that addresses all the root causes of PCOS naturally, and from the inside out. 

After several years of guiding and supporting women to use The Diva Method in their own PCOS thriving journey, much to my surprise. . .

I fell pregnant naturally in September 2018. 

My pregnancy has been textbook - healthy and strong (despite the puking) and my little miracle bubbah is due June 2019. 

The Diva Method goes deeper than what foods to (& not to) eat.

It’s all about. . .

  • Addressing the 4 root causes of PCOS
  •  Understanding what’s *actually* going on in your body (& not just what your doc tells you in a rushed 5 minute appointment)
  •  Empowering you to make good choices
  •  Transforming your mindset and making things e-a-s-y
  •  Harnessing the ebb and flow of your own menstrual cycle
  •  Understanding what to do to “keep it going” when you’ve reached your first goal
  •  Revealing the inner strength that’s always with you through ups and downs
  •  Releasing the need to control everything and seek perfection

A Hormone Diva is a woman who lets go of unnecessary excuses, puts herself first and makes feeling good a priority. 

This program takes the guesswork out of what you (& your body) need to thrive with PCOS so you can focus on what matters - being there for the people you love and enjoying life (& food) without guilt, shame or hiding.
You Get To Choose What You’re Ready to Dive Deep On, But Past Clients Have Experienced Life-Changing Results, Such As:
  •  Regular, ovulatory menstrual cycles (after years of absent and confusing periods)
  •  Sustained weight loss (instead of riding the yo-yo again and again)
  •  Clear, beautiful skin
  •  Natural conception and pregnancy
  •  Lightened flow and painless periods
  •  Being free of hormonal birth control, Metformin and spironolactone with minimal withdrawal symptoms
  •  Confidence in their bodies and unshakable trust in their ability to make the right choices for their health

"I'm so excited! I just had my second period without meds in 11 years! And it was only 6 days...and only 2 of them were heavy (and not as heavy as in the past!). My periods were previously forced by birth control, progesterone or ovulation meds...and they were 8 days long and 5 days of super heavy. My cycle is getting shorter and closer to "normal" length. During this program it went from 101 to 49 days...and I'm hoping this time it's even shorter! I also lost 10 pounds since this began. I feel like I have more energy as well. This is so exciting!" - Lindsay
"My issues included significant weight gain, non existent menstrual cycles, facial hair growth and overall depression. I have been consistently been dealing with these issues for 10 years plus. As soon as I started eating the foods on the plan and nourishing my body and balancing my blood sugar, my period came back after YEARS!! I just hit the milestone of losing 10 pounds and so I was just overjoyed! This has been a life-changing experience for me because I CAN achieve my goals. I CAN lose that stubborn belly fat and I CAN have a normal period. I just wish that I would have stumbled across this sooner. It puts my mind at ease that I am losing weight, being healthy and increasing my chances to be around for my family in the future. The time for living is now!! I am on track to being happy, healthy and maybe even having a family of my own thanks to the Happy Hormones Sisterhood. Thank you Robyn!" - Raelene
"We were on our way to IVF, after two failed rounds of fertility [ovulation] medications. I don’t want to have to pump my body full of drugs every month to ovulate and conceive - I didn’t feel like myself using those medications - they made my anxiety and depression worse, which put even more stress on my marriage. Thank you for all your suggestions and teaching me the correct nutrition! I officially ovulated on my own in the first time in almost 2 ½ years!! We are so excited to try and conceive naturally. Plus I’ve lost 3% body fat which is HUGE. I’m overall a happier person in general and feel like I have hope for once when before I really didn’t have any. Ladies, if you are just starting with Robyn, give it your all, buy the supplements, and eat when and what you are supposed’s truly life-changing!" - Kylie
"When I first found Robyn, I had hardly any time to myself and was struggling with symptoms of PCOS and depression. My brain was super foggy and I was gaining weight. I was worried I wouldn't be able to manage my symptoms naturally due to my high-stress, super busy job. Through the accountability and easy-to-implement detailed instruction I received from Robyn, I have been able to release some weight, and take consistent action towards feeling more energized and happy than before. I know my journey has not ended, and I'm so appreciative of the support I received to give me the confidence to get there." - Miranda B.
The Diva Method
10-Week Personalized Coaching Deep Dive
Signature welcome package to help you set your deep diving goals for our time together (plus some treats!)

One 60-minute Intake Session where we’ll be jamming on your history and goals so that everything you do during this coaching deep dive is in 100% alignment with what you want for your body, health and life.

Two 30-minute Follow-Up Sessions so that you can build your confidence to make shifts and celebrate successes along the way.

We’ll be making thriving with PCOS easier, more fun and more sustainable through aligned and strategic natural health strategies. . .all broken down into easy-to-follow and practical action steps that you’ll be able to start implementing right away.

Personalized PCOS Action Plan following The Diva Method’s 4-step system to empower you to confidently move forward on your journey knowing exactly what your body needs.
Food Recommendations to nourish (not punish) your body

14-Day Personalized Meal Plan to help you implement the food recommendations in a delicious, economical and time-sensitive way.

Lifestyle Recommendations you can utilize to align your mindset with your goals, set healthy boundaries, manage stress effectively and heal your body from the inside out

Supplement Recommendations targeted to your specific goals, budget and bodily imbalances that make a *real* difference in how you feel and aren’t money down the drain
Ten weekly check-ins with me to get your questions answered between sessions and to feel (& be) supported every step of the way
Coaching Application
I want to make sure this program is designed for you, where you are right now, and where you want to be. Because of this I’d love to get to know you as much as possible through your application, so please be as detailed as you can (since we don’t do discovery calls). If this program is perfect for you, I’ll be personally following up with you and you’ll be able to book right away!
What do we talk about on the 60-minute Intake and 30-minute Follow-up sessions?
Your Intake is focused on getting to the root of your issues. We will discuss in detail your medical history, what you've tried to help yourself to date, as well as any lab work you may have. Once we have a detailed picture of what's going on in your body, we will discuss and flesh out your goals for the program - what you're looking to achieve and why it's so important for you. 

Your follow-up sessions are focused on giving and getting feedback, answering any major questions that have come up, shifting interventions as necessary and celebrating your successes. The goal is to empower you with clarity and to keep you motivated moving forward in your body and choices so that you know exactly what you need to be doing.
Do I need to have lab test results before we start?
No. If you've had any bloodwork, saliva testing and/or medical imaging (ie: ultrasounds) done in the last 6-12 months, that's great! We will definitely look at those, even if your doctor says they're "normal". We will look at optimal ranges, and see where you are on that spectrum. 

I will also counsel you on how to get testing and what tests to get should you wish to - either from your doctor, or with simple at-home tests that allow you to by-pass the frustrating and scariness of asking your doctor for tests when you know they'll turn you down.
What is The Diva Method tuition fee?
$597 (Canadian Dollars)
What are my options for payment?
Credit card and e-transfer payments are acceptable. 

You can choose from:

$597 (Canadian Dollars) upfront and in full


$330 (Canadian Dollars) in two monthly payments, with first payment due upon enrollment
What will I be eating?
You will be nourishing your body with whole, fresh foods. Each woman is different, so specific food recommendations will be made based on your tolerances/sensitivities/allergies, likes/dislikes, budget, local food availability, goals and symptoms. 
Will I have to count/measure/severely restrict my food or make totally separate meals for my family?
NO. The Diva Method philosophy is no food is ever off limits. It’s about empowering yourself to make healthy choices and trusting you have the strength to do so. By always choosing to feel good first, you will make the choices right for your body without feeling restricted or experiencing shame and guilt for eating pizza and ice cream sometimes. 
Are there supplements involved?
Yes. I keep supplementation to a minimum whenever possible - it is often counterproductive to be taking many different supplements at one time. Typically this is about 4 supplements- one for each step of The Diva Method 4-step system. 

We will work together to determine the best supplements based on your symptoms, drug interactions, goals, availability and budget. 

All supplements recommended are 100% optional but highly recommended. 
Will this work for me if I’m on birth control, Metformin or other drugs?
YES. I will never judge you for using or not using medications. We will work to support your body whether you continue, transition off of or have never used any prescription medications for your PCOS. 

Your body, your choice. 
Will I lose weight?
There are no personal guarantees but chances are, yes- if you set weight loss as a goal, your will see the number on the scale (or pant size!) decrease. This program is focused on addressing the underlying root causes of your weight gain (and other symptoms), which will finally allow your body to shed pounds it has been holding on to. 
2019 The Hormone Diva