The 4-Week Program For Women With PCOS and Endometriosis Who Want To Take Back Control And Stop Struggling!

Build a strong & healthy body using the 4-Root Method to become. . .unbreakable

I know you’re feeling like you’re battling your body. 

Trying the meds, diets and supplements only to be left. . .
  • EXHAUSTED, frustrated and discouraged
  • Stuck in a vicious cycle of being unmotivated, anxious and depressed 
  • Feeling like less of a woman because your cycles suck and you're hairy AF
  • ​Experiencing pain & discomfort no human deserves
  • Craving sweets and junk because it temporarily gives relief - until the post-sugar symptom flare-ups start
  • Stuck gaining and losing the same pounds - weight loss seems impossible!
  • Struggling to conceive & yet you know you’re meant to be a mama

Regardless of this. . .

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to feel confident in your choices and your progress.

You deserve to have a strong & healthy body.

Inside Unbreakable, you can breathe a sigh of relief because....


You’ll be reprogramming your body to WANT the good stuff and you’ll be consistently focused on making good choices without white-knuckling through the day with your barely-there willpower. 


Inside Unbreakable you will use the 4-Root Method to create a foundation for taking control of your PCOS or ENDO so that you can build the strong & healthy body you want. 

Sounds AMAZING Robyn, but what’s the 4-Root Method?

Let me break it down for you. 

Root #1: Blood Sugar & Insulin

Imbalances in blood sugar & insulin create cravings, cycle irregularities, weight loss resistance, exhaustion and moodiness. 

Inside Unbreakable we address Root #1 first because it will help almost every single issue PCOS and ENDO can throw at you. 

You will use the simple Hormone Diva Plate formula to create blood sugar-balancing meals at-home and on-the-go. The FOUR 28-Day meal plans will give you endless ideas!

Root #2: Stress & Mindset

Stress hormones need a lot of energy and “ingredients” from your body. When your body is stressed (& it is if you have PCOS or ENDO), your body will “steal” these ingredients from other hormones (like progesterone) to keep up with demand for stress hormones. 

This will leave you gaining weight, feeling sluggish & tired, being irritable AF, shitty menstrual cycles and struggling to conceive. 

You will create a simple "Sacred Six" stress management toolkit to switch your body into rest & digest mode and keep a focused mindset. 

Root #3: Inflammation & Gut Health

Most inflammation begins in the gut when undigested food particles, medications, toxins, bacteria and viruses are able to penetrate the blood stream - a big no-no that sets your body on high alert. 

Women with PCOS and ENDO have a level of chronic, systemic inflammation which interferes with cycles, poops, skin, pain, energy - you name it.  

You will support your gut with foods and practices to reduce inflammation from the inside out. 

Root #4: Sex Hormones & Cycles

Even though both ENDO and PCOS effect menstrual cycles and hormones like estrogen and progesterone - addressing these first (like with birth control) will not fix the reasons WHY these hormones are imbalanced. 

By the time you reach this step, many of the cycle-related issues will have started to fix themselves. We do this step last in order to tweak anything still going wrong. 

You will use my 5 Cycle Hacking Steps to reduce PMS, regulate your cycle, ditch period pain & heavy flow, and improve your fertility (if that's your thing). 

Hey There! I'm Robyn, Holistic Nutritionist & The Hormone Diva.

After coming off birth control in 2013, my body went rogue.

In what felt like a second puberty, every aspect of myself changed.

I gained 15lbs, my skin broke out in acne all over, I was an anxious mess, and my periods- if they even came at all- were hella heavy and left me curled up in pain for days.

I needed a nap all the time & could barely follow what people were saying to me because of my utter exhaustion.

My doctor’s answer was more birth control and Metformin following my PCOS diagnosis, and I was told to “just lose weight”.

Not wanting to go back on birth control or take ANY drugs, I knew there had to be a better way.

I figured out what I needed to do and just did it.

No more disappointing doctor visits, trying all-the-diets or spending my hard-earned cash on weird supplements I hoped were a magic pill.

All my cycle problems went away.

I lost all the weight, cleared my skin, ditched my anxiety and had all-day energy.

To date, I’ve worked with hundreds of PCOS and Endometriosis Divas just like you to create strong & healthy bodies too. 

Unbreakable guides you on the journey to taking control of ENDO or PCOS so that you can create a strong & healthy body. You'll build a solid foundation to stop struggling and become...unbreakable.  

As a Diva inside Unbreakable, you will prioritize feeling good

You will focus on:
  • Staying consistent without struggle
  • ​Making good choices you know will leave you feeling energized
  • Supporting your 4 Roots with food, supplements and practical lifestyle tools
  • ​Cultivating FOOD FREEDOM
  • Showing up for yourself

It's Time For You To Have The Relief and Excitement of Feeling Good Again.

No matter how many times you have cried, felt guilty or overwhelmed, and wondered: "why me?"

Unbreakable is here for you.

Let me guide you through my 4-Root Method to create a strong & healthy body, including:
  • ​Healthy Menstrual Cycles
  • Happy Weight in a Strong Body
  • Optimal Fertility
  • ​Stable Moods, Poops, & Energy
  • ​Glowing Hair, Skin & Nails
  • ​Confidence & Self-Esteem

Unbreakable starts on Monday, July 5.

And enrollment closes on Wednesday, June 30 @ midnight eastern time.

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Here's exactly what you'll be doing inside Unbreakable each week:

  • Week 1: Implementing the simple Hormone Diva Plate formula you'll learn inside Root #1: Blood Sugar & Insulin
  • Week 2: Creating a simple stress management toolkit called the "Sacred Six" to keep both your mind and body feeling resilient and relaxed inside Root #2: Stress & Mindset
  • Week 3: Supporting your gut with good "bugs" and the most decadent drinks you could imagine to reduce inflammation inside Root #3: Inflammation & Gut Health
  • Week 4: Taking control of your cycle problems and PMS issues with my 5 Cycle Hacking Steps inside Root #4: Sex Hormones & Cycles

No more going to battle with your body. 

You wouldn't go into a battlefield without an army to back you up, so enlist the strategies inside Unbreakable as your support soldiers to take back control and end the fight. 

Here's what these women want you to know:

"My period came back after YEARS!! I just hit the milestone of losing 10 pounds"

"My issues included significant weight gain, non existent menstrual cycles, facial hair growth and overall depression. I have been consistently been dealing with these issues for 10 years plus. As soon as I started eating the foods on the plan and nourishing my body and balancing my blood sugar, my period came back after YEARS!! I just hit the milestone of losing 10 pounds and so I was just overjoyed! This has been a life-changing experience for me because I CAN achieve my goals. I CAN lose that stubborn belly fat and I CAN have a normal period. I just wish that I would have stumbled across this sooner. It puts my mind at ease that I am losing weight, being healthy and increasing my chances to be around for my family in the future. The time for living is now!! I am on track to being happy, healthy and maybe even having a family of my own thanks to the Happy Hormones Sisterhood. Thank you Robyn!" - Raelene

I'm so excited! I just had my second period without meds in 11 years!

"And it was only 6 days...and only 2 of them were heavy (and not as heavy as in the past!). My periods were previously forced by birth control, progesterone or ovulation meds...and they were 8 days long and 5 days of super heavy. This is so exciting!" - Lindsay M
"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!  started taking Ovasitol, followed your diet plans, and started exercising. Well slowly my period started coming on time. They stopped being heavy and painful . My skin is amazing. I lost weight I finally got myself back. 

I had an extremely hard year my son was injured during childbirth (brachial plexus injury) so needless to say the stress level was very high with appointments and physical therapy for Jack. Your plan was exact what I needed.

Guess what? Jack is doing great now. He’s an amazing little guy. I finally turned my anger into something positive. I’m running the Boston Freaking Marathon in April in support of Spaulding Rehab - the place Jack has been going since he was 4 days old. Because of all of your helpful information and advice, I’m finally ME again. I no longer have to carry extra clothes , tampons, pads to get through a shift at work. I don’t feel like I’m on a crazy emotional roller coaster. 

1,000 times Thank you." - Katie M. 

Here's What You'll Get Inside Unbreakable:

One 30-Minute 1:1 Private Coaching Call

During this call we'll discuss your individual needs and create a personalized Roadmap to ensure your success within the program and beyond. The call must be used by June 23, 2021. 

4 Weekly Video Lessons

Plus a workbook to go along with each. Here's you'll learn everything you need to implement the 4 Root Method so the strong & healthy body you want becomes a reality. 

Four 28-Day Meal Plans

Two each for PCOS and ENDO, these meal plans will leave you with LOADS of options no matter how you like to eat. And YES! There's dessert. 

All meal plans are dairy and gluten free. Many plant-based options are included. 

4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week for 4 weeks, we'll come together and I'll be answering any questions you have about your goals, steps and progress. 

Private Unbreakable Facebook Community

Ditch the isolation and loneliness of having ENDO or PCOS issues in a supportive community of women just like you. There's zero judgement, 100% support. Feel comfortable to share anything and everything that happens during your journey and post questions anytime. 

Lifetime Access

As a Diva inside Unbreakable, you will receive lifetime access to everything. All the videos, workbooks, lessons, group call recordings, meal plans, private community - all of it. And you'll also receive any and all updates and new bonuses I add to this program in the future.

The supportive community of Divas just like you are waiting with open arms.

You are never alone.

Still Have Questions?

I'm super busy. How long does this program take?

I totally get it! I work full-time and have a baby I'm chasing all day. This program is designed to work with your schedule as it is. All of our live coaching calls will be recorded, so if you have to miss one or more, you can simply go back and listen to the recording when you have some time. 

You will have a full 7 days to complete each week's homework - which will often take you 20 minutes or less!

You'll also have access to the private Unbreakable Facebook community where I - and the other Divas in the program will be helping you stay on track. 

Will the program be mailed to my home?

No. This is a fully online program and nothing is shipped to you. All program materials are accessible anywhere - your computer or laptop, tablet and even your smartphone! 

You are more than welcome to print anything you want a physical copy of. 

What if I don't want to get pregnant? Lose weight? Already have a regular cycle? Have another condition like IBS or hypothyroidism? Is this program for ME?

Keeping it simple - YES, this program is for you. Whether you have weight to lose, a baby to conceive, periods to start, razors to ditch or not - the 4 ROOTs need to be addressed. Every woman experiences ENDO and PCOS differently and this customizable nature of this program makes it beneficial for ALL - including YOU.

When you enroll, you’ll also receive a 1:1 session with me to start your journey. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to fix your cycles, feel good and build that strong & healthy body - no matter what. 

I'm worried I don't have the strength or willpower to really make these changes stick. How do I know I'll be able to do this?

There is no willpower required to do this work. All that's required is a willingness to be open, honest, and curious. In fact, the tools and strategies I'm going to teach you will bypass the need to ever rely on willpower for your health again!

Once you dig under the surface to discover WHY making these changes is so important for you, and implement the 4 ROOTs, your body will naturally balance and everything shifts to be working FOR you. You are never alone when you become a Diva inside Unbreakable. You can absolutely do this!

What happens after I sign up?

Within 30 minutes of signing up, you will receive a welcome email to the email address you used during your purchase. It will welcome you into Unbreakable and share with you your starting steps - including joining the private Facebook community and attending the BONUS "Let's Make It Work" LIVE workshop. 

Your first lesson will be delivered to your inbox on Sunday, July 4.  

When you enroll, you'll also receive a 30-MINUTE 1:1 session with me to start your journey. I'll tell you exactly what you need to do to lean out, feel sexy and build that strong & healthy body - no matter what. Booking details will be inside your welcome email. 

Are there supplements involved?

Yes. I keep supplementation to a minimum whenever possible - it is often counterproductive to be taking many different supplements at one time. Typically this is about 4 supplements- one for each of the 4 ROOTs. 

We will work together on the 1:1 call and throughout the program to determine the best supplements based on your symptoms, drug interactions, goals, availability and budget. 

All supplements recommended are 100% optional but highly recommended.

What if I’m on meds?

No judgment here! 

Speak with your doctor first (always!) before making dietary and lifestyle modifications. 

Through the 1:1 private coaching call, Group Coaching Calls, and private community, I will work with you to develop a plan that will support your use of prescription medications. And if you want to come off medications at any point, I will support you to work with your prescribing doctor to wean and replace with natural interventions.

What if I already have food restrictions?

Every Diva is different - and Hormone Diva Society is designed to support that.

All recipes are dairy and gluten free, and low in sugar. 

There is a mixture of vegan and omnivore recipes, and many can easily be modified either way.

Making use of the 1:1 private coaching call, Group Coaching Calls and private community will ensure we develop a plan for any further restrictions you currently have or will require for symptom reversal.

I've tried everything - All with little or no result! How is Unbreakable different?

Diva - I feel you! I spent YEARS trying everything I could to take control and build a strong & healthy body and often saw no result - or if anything positive happened, it was short lived. 

Unbreakable is different - if you put in the work, you WILL succeed because you will have a step-by-step, flexible approach that will keep you focused no matter what is going on in your life. 

You are building a foundation with the 4 Roots to become unbreakable. 

When you enroll, you'll also receive a 30-MINUTE 1:1 session with me to start your journey. I'll tell you exactly what you need to do to lean out, feel sexy and build that strong & healthy body - no matter what. No question will be left unanswered. 

What’s the refund policy?

Every enrolment in Unbreakable comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, as long as you can demonstrate you used your 1:1 coaching call, attended all the live classes, group coaching calls and completed all the workbooks, I'll happily refund your purchase, which essentially makes this a risk-free investment.

Unbreakable starts on Monday, July 5.

And enrollment closes on Wednesday, June 30@ midnight eastern time.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Unbreakable starts on Monday, July 5.

And enrollment closes on Wednesday, June 30 @ midnight eastern time.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds